Why do bookmakers block accounts?

In the gambling world of sports betting it is fashionable to position that betting is a pleasant pastime, a test of luck and knowledge. Bookmakers want the player to be like that, but at the same time they emphasize in their advertisements that it is a great way to earn money. So beginners go to the world of betting to make money, not to pay the betting company’s margin. Professional gamblers also aim for regular winnings.

So it turns out that the two parties have different goals, but the finances are the same, and there is a great desire between them – to divide them. Of course, bookmakers do not want to lose their profits, so they take the maximum number of ways to preserve their capital and protect themselves from the encroachment of players. On the website you can find out the reasons why user accounts are blocked.

Arguments of bookmakers to block accounts

Before starting to play betting with a bookmaker, it is worth asking about the reasons why the bookmaker reserves the right to block a player’s gaming account or reduce the maximum betting amount, so as not to lose the bank later.

Not only unscrupulous players, but also experienced bettors who are trying to win from the bookmaker can be affected. This problem can concern everyone, because betting companies are insured and try to minimize their costs. Beginners and users with little experience can also get into this situation. So, the following reasons can create an unpleasant situation for the player:

  • Registration of more than one account by a player with a bookmaker. Such actions are called multi-accounting, and it is considered a gross violation of the existing bookmakers’ rules. Suspicion may arise when using the data of third parties or relatives to register new gambling accounts, or when groups of players act in collusion, betting to bypass existing restrictions.
  • Use of special programs. To automate bets, players sometimes use bots. The office considers such actions unlawful, so it may apply sanctions.
  • Playing on the forks. Institutions have long ago learned to find such masters, so the bookmaker has the right to set a limit on the bet or temporarily freeze the game account.
  • Betting on a fixed match. In such actions, the bookmaker considers the bet doubtful and calculates the bet with a quotation of 1.00. Suspicions shall be considered valid when an investigation on the game by a national or international organization has been initiated. Also, the company is entitled to cancel payments on bets if they are made on a game where the user was a member or a functionary of the club.
  • After Goal situation. These are bets on the occurred results, to which the office did not react in time by changing the line. The main share of such bets is in the live mode. Such actions on a regular basis are quite noticeable, so the player should know that for such a game, the bookmaker will count the odds of 1.00 or will block the account at all.

If players systematically use such rules of the game, they somehow come to the attention of the bookmaker. This means that they will be put on the gray or black list, or have their account completely closed and their funds frozen. No bookmaker likes customers who regularly win money, so there is special attention to them. Each of them wants that for the client it is just entertainment, and nothing more. In order not to attract special attention, players should not abuse consistency, sometimes change the tactics of the game, make bets that are not peculiar to them.

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