Whether Steroids in UK are legal or illegal

The legal status of steroids has been a complicated subject in most Western countries. Despite steroids being an integral part of regular life in the sports community, several doctors and governments do not believe they should continue to be accepted for recreational usage in the society. Due to the stigma and the rhetoric created by local governments, several legal details surrounding anabolic steroids have been gloomy. A majority of enthusiasts want to know, whether anabolic steroids are legal in the UK?

The status of anabolic steroids in the UK has been contested largely. Similar to most Western countries, there have been large swathes of the government that would prefer to view anabolic steroids banned completely.

Whether Anabolic Steroids are Legal in UK

In case, someone was to ask the government whether steroids in the UK are illegal or not, the government would have to deny. Presently, anabolic steroids have been deemed as class C scheduled drug. You could own, import and export anabolic steroids as far as it is not for commercial usage. In case, you break these laws and start to import them or export them for commercial purposes, you could face up to fourteen years in jail along with a hefty fine.

The problem with legalization of steroids in the UK is it has been complicated. While UK law would protect the purchaser of steroids, anyone who sells steroids would be technically committing a criminal offense. The sale of steroids within the territorial limits of UK would be illegal, unless you go through an appropriate and approved channel.

How to purchase steroids legally

The only manner to obtain anabolic steroids legally within the UK would be to have a prescription from your GP or general practitioner. It is filled at a licensed pharmacy. Despite the law would no longer stipulate that anabolic steroids should only be purchased for medicinal usage, it would still not be legal to sell them on the open or underground market.

This would present a huge dilemma in deciding what steroids to be taken. The steroids that most people prefer might not be available from pharmaceutical companies. In fact, a majority of popular steroids would come from underground and therefore, become illegal.

Legal steroids for sale in UK

Legal steroids for sale in UK would mostly come from underground laboratories. The attempt of the government to ban steroids or prevent them from sale is mostly irrelevant. Due to the controversy and legal difficulties in buying steroids, the government has essentially lamented the status of steroids as an underground product.

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