What kind of documentation is needed for an SBI Home Loan?

The house loan provided by SBI is a good option for almost every individual. SBI delivers the lowest interest rates accessible when it comes to housing loans. This is exactly what every home loan borrower is looking for. Read this post to learn the specifics of the product so that you may comprehend and apply for it when you are in need. SBI home loans are available with no processing fees.

Criteria for Eligibility for an SBI Home Loan

Employees of national and state governments, self-help organisations, and members of the armed forces are all eligible to apply for house loans from the SBI, including those on a salaried or self-employed basis. For your convenience, we’ve included a table outlining the qualifying requirements for SBI home loans.

Non-Salaried Individuals Can Qualify for an SBI Home Loan.

  • It should have been in operation for at least the previous three years.
  • It is necessary to have generated net profit in the previous two years.
  • It is preferable if there are any existing Credit Facilities that are Regular and Standard. In this case, an opinion report will be acquired from the current bankers.
  • Whenever the proposed House Property is bought in the combined names of the Proprietor and the Proprietary Firm, the firm should be an existing borrower of ours or a debt-free company, as appropriate.
  • Age Requirement: 18 years minimum
  • Loan Terms: Up to 30 years in length.
  • Loan Amounts: The minimum loan amount is INR 50,000/- and the maximum amount is INR 50 crores.

Documents for an SBI Home Loan

All candidates seeking an SBI house loan must provide the following documentation: 

  • Application for a Loan for an Employer Identification Card: Three passport-sized pictures should be included in a completed loan application form that has been appropriately filled out.
  • Proof of Identity (may be provided by anyone): PAN card, passport, driver’s licence, and voter identification card
  • Proof of residence/address: A recent copy of a telephone bill, an electric bill, a water bill, or a piped gas bill, as well as a copy of a passport, a driving licence, or an Aadhaar card, are required.

Property Documents Required for SBI Home Loans:

  • Permission to proceed with construction
  • Letter of Allotment/Stamp Agreement for Sale of Land
  • Obtaining an Occupancy Certificate
  • Payable receipts or a bank account statement reflecting all the builder/seller payments are required.

Statement of Accounts:

  • The previous six months’ Bank Account Statements for all bank accounts owned by the applicant or by the applicant’s family members
  • If you have a past loan from another bank or lender, you must provide a loan account statement for the preceding year.
  • The documentation necessary for SBI home loans includes proof of income.

Applicant/s who will be paid a salary:

  • Salary slips or salary certificates from the previous three months are required.
  • Copy of Form 16 for the previous two years or copy of IT Returns for the last two financial years has been recognised by the IT Department.
  • Documents proving income are necessary for SBI house loans for non-residents.

The processing charge for SBI Home Loans is as follows:

SBI home loan applications are subject to a processing charge of 1% of the loan amount. In addition, the bank is presently providing a balance transfer service with no processing fees. Government workers and military members are also free from paying the processing charge under the SBI Shaurya and SBI Privilege programmes.


This is a typical SBI house loan programme, one of the most demanding home loan schemes available in the country. According to the company, the interest rate on SBI house loans is among the lowest home loan interest rates available in the market.

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