Three Different Types of Mannequins That Is Commonly Used

If you have a new retail store, especially for apparels, then you should consider buying yourself a mannequin to boost the sales and to make your store more visible in the shopping arena. What you may not know is the fact that there are indeed different types and different styles of mannequins, like wire mannequins for sale to choose from. Choosing the right mannequin is the key to a successful shopping experience for your customers. Let us take a look at the most commonly used types of mannequins.

Three Common Types of Mannequins

  1. Realistic Mannequins: As their name suggests, these mannequins are known for their life like looks. These mannequins display a face that is very much like that of a human and the body contours also match with the human anatomy perfectly. Mostly made out of fibre glass these mannequins even bear a skin tone that matches with that of the humans. They are generally made in a detailed size and are mostly used in high end shops.These mannequins come in both male and female versions and sport a wig that is unnaturally original looking.
  2. Abstract Mannequins: The design on these mannequins is so minimalistic that they look like art pieces rather than mannequins. Again made of fibre glass, these do not sport a lot of human physical structures like nails or elbows or muscles or facial expressions. They look more modern but abstract in their design. Normally for these types of mannequins, we do not add any other accessories like a wig or any other form of makeup. They also come in different finishes like glossy and matte and are available in both the female and male versions.
  3. Headless Mannequins: If you have a shop where there is a limitation with regards to the space or if you have a low ceiling that you cannot display a full mannequin, then these are your solutions. They come in different colors, shapes, poses, finishes and in both male and female versions. They are mostly made of fiber glass which ensures that they last for a longer period of time. As they don’t sport any emotion, you can use them for any type of clothing, sporty or ethnic or modern. Again no need for a wig or makeup.

Considering the right mannequins will enhance the outset of your store and help you improve on the sales as well.

Douglas Carl
the authorDouglas Carl