Rosavin – An Overview

Golden root or Rhodiola rosea is a medicinal plant which was very popular in traditional medicine in Asia and Europe.  Rosavin is one of the many components that is extracted from Rhodiola Rosea plant.

Rosavin extract is mainly useful in cure of depression, eliminating fatigue, uplifting work performance and treatment of intense mental and physical stress.  Rhodiola capsules which has high therapeutic value contains 3% Rosavin.

Rosavin is nothing but cinnamyl alcohol glycoside. Rhodiola Rosea plant has many active components. Among them, Rosavin is considered as the primary active component. This Rosavin phytochemical is responsible for anxiolytic effects and mood lifting properties of the Rhodiola Rosea herb.

Rhodiola supplements which are in market today should mainly specify the Rosavin percentage in it. This is the deciding factor for dosage recommendations and which also decide the potency of the extract.  Since Rosavin is an active phytochemical its percentage is very important in the desired treatment. That is why, extracts that contain at least 3% Rosavin is considered as key component in the Rhodiola supplements.


The components found in Rhodiola Rosea are very difficult to discriminate. Modern medicine is facing difficulties in distinguishing the benefits of different components found in Rhodiola Rosea herb. There are varieties of species in Rhodiola rosea herb which are totally alike. A study has shown 120 components just by considering 3 different varieties of Rhodiola Rosea herb.

The herb is named so because of its aroma. Study has shown that this aroma is due to ‘geraniol’ substance which is found in the roots of the herb and phenethylalcohol combination present in the herb. This combination produces a rose like aroma.

The main component found in Rhodiola Rosea is that of salidroside. Others are comounds of rosavins. Rhodiola Rosea commonly contains three compounds of Rosavin. Rosavin, Rosin and Rosarin. These are collectively known as phenylpropanoids.

Rosavins- Benefits:

Rosavins are helpful in reducing anxiety. They work collectively and in combination with other comounds to decrease nervousness and restlessness. This is the main property behind the popularity of Rhodiola supplements. Consumers are mainly interested in the supplement because of these characteristics of the medicine. But there may be many other uses of Rosavin on which research has to be done.

Studies on Rosavins in particular and overall components in general have also shown that these compounds can be useful in many damaging biological reactions. Some of them are anti-cancer, auto-immune systems, anti-oxidant conditions.

One more potential benefit of the herb and its compound is the effect caused by them is long lasting. This has shown by a study which proved that Siberians who use this herb in their tea lived over 100.

Rosavins are not effective in isolation.

Serotonin in the body is considered to be a relaxant and cortisol is a considered as stimulant. The compounds found in the roots of Rhodiola Rosea herb, always upturn the production of serotonin and reduce the release of cortisol. That is the reason, the combined effect of compounds achieve the desired result.


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