Photo Editor

No more tiresome attempts to perfect a photo with a confusing set of instruments. No more troubles with editors that won’t open your images because of their format. Movavi Photo Editor contains all simpletools that you need to transform your favourite photos into real gems – and it supports every possible graphic format.

So, the necessary functions are all present in one image editor including colour adjustment, resizing, and even object removal. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Colour adjustment

You can manually adjust the colour of your picture with a great range of options:

  • Establish the parameters for brightness, contrast and saturation to create a vintage black-and-white photo.
  • Play with hue, temperature and tint to add an unusual shade to the picture.
  • Fix exposure and gamma, highlights and shadows – everything is in your hands.

Besides, there is Magic Enhance function that will automatically improve the image.

  1. Effects

You’ve got a whole arsenal of more than 30 adjustable filters: classic, artistic, textures and colour filters. Apply any of the effects to make an unusual and stunning picture.

  1. Transformation
  • Rotate and Flip: set the orientation of the picture
  • Straighten: level it if necessary,
  • Crop: trim off the edges
  • Resize: change the size without quality loss

Each of the instruments can be adjusted manually or automatically.

  1. Text

All the fonts that are on your computer are also available in the picture editor. Choose the one you like, its colour and position. You can also modify the outline, its colour and width. Changing the text opacity you can create a watermark to protect the pictures.

  1. Object and background removal

Is there an unnecessary element in your picture? Just select it with any instrument: brush, magic wand, lasso or stamp and click “start erasing”. The object will disappear like it wasn’t even there. You can also change the background in several clicks – choose the areas with green and red brushes. Keep the background transparent or choose any other image or colour to replace it.

The picture editor is able to work with any popular graphic format, namely: BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF (not animated). Moreover, it supports less used formats: PBM, PAM, DPX, EXR, TIFF, and many others.

Movavi Photo Editor is perfect for beginners, as well as for people who have experience in photo editing. A set of simple yet useful instruments will make the process more convenient and fast, and novices to the world of photography will enjoy the pleasant interface of the program.

Douglas Carl
the authorDouglas Carl