Kevin Modany Explores Leadership Skills Necessary For CEOs, Both New & Old

Kevin Modany is an experienced business consultant and executive with years of industry experience plying his skills. Currently operating as the Managing Director of Bluerock Partners, Modany has built a career by guiding his team toward practical solutions.

The work of a CEO is almost never-ending as their leadership skills are required for the company’s continued success. Leadership at the highest levels of the corporate world is integral to helping employees to excel in their job performance while giving the business itself a chance to succeed.

Kevin Modany shared some of the key insights and leadership strategies that have helped him to become the leader that he is today.

Leadership Suggestions by Kevin Modany

Whether a new face on the job or a seasoned CEO, Kevin Modany understands that an executive leader is the face of the organization and one that must be ready to adapt to the demands of their rapidly changing job. To help find prolonged success in the industry, Modany outlined a few essential tips and tricks that can help.

Find and Cultivate a Passion

Kevin Modany understands that passion is the fuel by which companies maneuver forward. CEOs must find their passions in their place of work to go above and beyond in their duties. Some CEOs enjoy working in multiple aspects of the business, while others prefer to delegate smaller tasks while remaining focused on the bigger-picture tasks.

Utilizing this passion can help leaders to guide their employees in ways that are authentic and supportive. No two corporate leaders need to operate on the same wavelength, so Modany suggests finding what feels right to you.

Develop a Leadership Style

Every CEO will develop a leadership style distinctive and organic to how they operate. Some company leaders want their management to adhere to a specific and highly structured style, while others prefer a more informal approach. Whether you are focused on collaborative work or a top-down leadership team, Modany believes it is essential to adopt one that is right for you.

Growing into an executive leader takes time, and developing a leadership style will take time. Modany suggests taking a self-assessment test to honestly identify any areas of weakness or strength. After taking a self-assessment, Modany means looking for areas of passion to funnel energy toward.

Celebrate Individual and Team Victories

Kevin Modany understands that the business world is filled with individual and larger team-based goals. In order to access at every level, Modany suggests taking time to celebrate individual and team accomplishments to help encourage and motivate all parties.

While it is important to highlight individual achievements, Modany emphasizes the growth of the team above all else.

Maintain a Visible Presence in the Building

While corporate leaders prioritize certain top-level projects, they are not supposed to be completely separated from their day-to-day operations. CEOs that spend too much time in executive offices will find themselves held at a distance by their staff. CEOs that are transparent, accessible, and visible to their staff can lead healthier places of business.

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