Insurance for Protecting the Family Pet

When people talk about pets at a party or a family gathering, it is quite common to encounter a range of opinions on how cats, dogs, and a few other animals should be treated. For some, the dog is a member of the family and worthy of treatment equal to, or nearly equal to, the treatment that is extended to any other individual.

Some people do not necessarily agree with this but they will state without hesitation that no pet should ever be mistreated. They agree that keeping a pet warm, safe, and adequately fed is essential. But what about when a pet becomes ill or is injured? What should be done at that time?

Excellent Care

A majority of people on both sides will say that the family pet should be cared for by an expert veterinarian to find out what is wrong and to take proper measures to restore the pet to health. This professional care can be expensive but you should not have to avoid visits to the vet due to lack of funds. The answer is affordable pet insurance.

The key word is “affordable.” With some of the leading providers, this should not be a major issue. Some have provided reliable insurance coverage for family pets for more than three decades. Many customers have contracted with them more than once because they have realised the benefit of this coverage. The cost for veterinary procedures beyond the standard checkup and vaccinations may be in the hundreds of dollars, even stretching into the thousands in some cases.

If you expect that you will get back benefits that exceed the premiums you pay, the insurance will be worth the investment. You can pay monthly, if necessary, which will help spread the cost over a period of time. When you talk with a pet-insurance representative, be sure to ask about deductibles and co-payments that will come from your pocket. Make sure you understand which issues are specifically excluded from your policy.

the Family Pet


Some companies offer insurance only for pets and have a lot of expertise in the industry. These firms can often find just the right policy and terms for you, allowing you to provide the care that your cat or dog deserves. The policies will generally be quite comprehensive, yet also affordable and flexible. In recent years, insurance providers have been able to offer policies that include the newest procedures and technology available. Preventive care coverage is also offered.

As you shop for insurance, be sure to find out if there are limits on the veterinarians and clinics you can use. Some companies restrict you to specific locations. Ask about pre-existing conditions and limits on the amounts that will be paid out for specific treatments and conditions. You may find that a few companies allow a much wider range of treatments and have few or no restrictions on where you can use your insurance coverage. Contact a representative today and start the conversation.

Douglas Carl
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