Hottest New Zealand Activities In Winter

If you’ve never considered traveling in New Zealand during the winter months then think again. Just because the temperatures might be cooler, this doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect motorhome hire new zealand journey at this time of year. There are an incredible amount of activities on offer at this time of year that just can’t be had during the summer. From some of the absolute best skiing in the world to surfing to hiking and beyond, the winter in New Zealand provides plenty of fantastic opportunities for travelers and comes highly recommended. If you’re curious, then check out these winter-only NZ activities.


There are so many ski resorts located all across New Zealand that the country is rightly known as a mecca for those looking to hit the slopes. Lots of travelers plan entire trips so that they can hit resorts in several different areas. With the high amount of world-class skiing opportunities, this type of grand ski adventure is fully doable. The North and South Islands both have over a dozen world-recognized resorts with slopes ranging from beginner’s to highly experienced thrill slopes. No matter where you fall on the expert level, there can be no doubt that NZ is a prime spot for a long ski adventure.

Hot Springs 

New Zealand has a number of geothermal hot springs that are a joy to soak in during the winters. Rotorua is one of the most famous, boasting more than a dozen hot springs, and Hanmer Springs on the South Island has many springs as well. For those on skiing journeys, there is really nothing more refreshing than a dip in one of these hot springs after a long day on the slopes in order to warm up and soothe those sore muscles.

Whale Watching 

Here’s another activity you won’t be able to complete in the summers. June and July finds the whales migrating south to warmer waters, and they pass right through many of the beaches and waterways in New Zealand, offering travelers the rare opportunity to glimpse these majestic creatures up close and personal. Wellington and Picton are great places to spot whales, and you can see them right from shore or take one of the many whale watching tours that will allow you to see them at a close distance right in their natural habitat.


New Zealand is well known for its rugby, and anybody on a motorhome hire new zealand journey would be highly advised to check out a match. Winter is the height of rugby season, which leaves open plenty of opportunities to experience this exciting sport. New Zealanders really take their rugby seriously, and the crowd at these matches is often as entertaining as the match. There are many local rugby teams all over the nation, so chances are there will be a match being held near you. Whether you’re a diehard rugby fanatic or are just curious about the game, don’t pass up the chance to check out a match when on your winter trip.


Even though the trees might not be in bloom, the wine in New Zealand’s famous wineries flows all year round. There are a number of tours that you can take in the winter months that will allow you to explore the various wineries and sample their top class product for yourself. If you’re into reds then Central Otago will be your main place, and if you’re a whites enthusiast then Marlborough will have what you are looking for. Most of the major wineries have indoor dining as well, so you can enjoy a nice meal with your local product and stay warm indoors.

South Island 

The South Island is known to be a very special place in the winters, and the area really comes alive in these months. Queenstown and Wanka are both known to full of action in the winters due to the nearby alpine ranges and incredible skiing opportunities. This the territory where Lord Of The Rings was filmed, and it is known to be at its most beautiful and pristine in the cool months. There are a number of winter festivals and other activities that take place in this season as well, making this one of the hottest destinations for winter travelers.

Taking a motorhome hire new zealand journey in the winter months is highly recommended due to the many seasonal activities on offer from skiing to rugby to whale spotting, plus the beauty of the alpine regions during the cool months. Whether you’re taking an epic ski vacation, seeing a series of rugby matches, or looking to sample the country’s finest wines, the winter season offers all that you need for an exciting and enjoyable winter road trip through some of the most beautiful territories in the world.

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