Gift Ideas to Please Any Tech or Gadget Lover

Let’s face it; Buying the perfect gift is no easy task. Of course, when you add into the equation that the recipient is a tech aficionado, the task becomes that much more difficult. Difficult, however. Not impossible.

Below are some great go-to or last-minute tech gift ideas that are sure to be well received.

App-Store Credit

That’s right, credit to use in their phone or tablet’s respective app store. While it can seem impersonal, and app-store credit is actually a smart gift. With the majority of popular services offering only subscription services, an app-store credit is a great way to give some a useful gift, such as a three-month subscription to a premium music service, access to a year’s supply of news articles, or even to allow them to progress in a game they have been playing.

While providing this credit can be as easy as sending an email code or giving them your credit card details, try to make it more personal by heading into a convenience store and picking up a physical recharge card for them to scan and input. Place this in a card with a nice message and you are set!

A Drone

You’ve heard them being talked about for a while now, whether it’s been somebody in the cubicle next to you talking about there’s, a news report using drone footage, or you may have even noticed changes to flight regulations to accommodate their use. The Groupon Coupons page for Best Buy has a range for you to look at and learn more about before you make your purchase.

A drone is a small flying device which is controlled wirelessly, either by a dedicated controller or by connecting it to a smartphone. The main purpose of a drone is to take photos and videos of adventure sports and similar activities, however, they are very popular within the gadget community right now. Head to your local electronics store and ask to see the range. No matter which one you pick, as long as it has a camera, it’ll be sure to impress.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones aren’t to be confused with those small earpieces which you see people wearing on the train, making it look as though they are speaking into nothing. Instead, Bluetooth headphones are premium audio devices which provides solid sound quality without the mess of a cable. A bonus of this item is that it will be compatible with all of the recipient’s devices, no matter their operating system or brand.

Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof/Resistant)

If you know that the recipient spends a lot of their time traveling or outdoors, consider a small Bluetooth speaker. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays and, again, are compatible with all types of devices. When choosing the best option, look for one which is either resistant to water or is totally water proof. This will allow the gift to be used at many more places and provide more benefits.

There you have it, four sure-fire ways to get a great gift for a techie friend or family member and know that you will be their new favorite person!

Douglas Carl
the authorDouglas Carl