Death of Privacy: The Role of Spying Tech in the Crime

The way spying technology has evolved over time has left everyone flabbergasted. One look at websites like is enough to give you an idea about just how ridiculously powerful digital spying solutions have become. The way such websites flaunt the features packaged into their products naturally create a strong temptation among potential customers to give them a shot. This is where things have a tendency to go bad. And by bad, we actually mean ugly. A lot of these customers invest in spy tools for exploiting, harassing and blackmailing others after completely murdering the concept of privacy using their newly acquired weapon. The consequences of making such technology available to the general public is far from unexpected. After all, spy apps do seem tailor-made for giving people with malicious intent and motives unsolicited access into the private lives of whoever they want.

Provides Backdoor Access to Private Lives of People

Due to its abuse, spying tech has become a powerful digital weapon frequently used by people for keeping tabs on rivals, partners, kids, and employees. The feeling of empowerment this technology offers is difficult for people to resist. The curiosity and drive to explore the unknown encourages people to use spy tools as these tools serve to unlock the doors to a person’s private life by:

Spying crime app

  • logging their calls, messages, emails, Skype, Facebook and Gmail chats, and contact details;
  • logging their pictures;
  • providing information about their whereabouts;
  • recording their browsing history;
  • capturing screenshots of their laptop or PC screen;
  • recording every keystroke that is made.

The information collected through the aforementioned means is likely to be personal in nature, thus giving rise to serious security and privacy concerns. Hackers and snoops can be expected to come up with many ways to exploit such information, like coercing the victims into paying them money for instance.

Places People on a Radar

The brains behind spy apps seem insensitive or ignorant to the fact that thanks to them, the likes of murderers, rapists, robbers, spies, and even terrorists are becoming an even greater threat than before. It has gotten easier than ever for them to remain informed about the whereabouts of their targets or, in case of terrorists, suicide bombers, using the location tracking feature that has become a pretty standard offering in spy apps as of late. Violating privacy is unfortunately just one of the many infractions committed by such tools, as they are also guilty of facilitating various other heinous crimes.

Low Barrier Leading to Escalation of the Problem

Spying tech has been around for many years, but it is only recently that it has become so readily available to the general public. And this is exactly what has dealt privacy a fatal blow. Previously, it was just the criminal elements that were investing in these kind of tools, but now that more and more spy apps are surfacing on the web, each touting a host of powerful features along with high degree of accessibility, even the common man is now being pulled into the controversial practice. The situation is certainly getting out of hand, with neither the law doing its part to curtail the issue, nor the vendors claiming to create spy apps for legitimate use taking any concrete measures to discourage or prevent the abuse of their products.

Douglas Carl
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