Corporate Activities in Cheshire This Summer

If you’re looking to get your business to work together effectively, then it’s essential you give your workforce the opportunity to see each other in a different context.After all, there are inevitably certain people who only interact in an organisation when something’s gone wrong – and that’s a recipe for stress.

Since co-operation is a skill which can be improved with practice, it follows that we should occasionally get together outside of work in order to build those co-operative skills – and so we can build more positive relationships with our colleagues.

If you’re looking to get your team away from their normal working environment, then Cheshire is an inviting part of the world.It’s an ideal compromise between remoteness and accessibility, possessing large stretches of untouched countryside and excellent transport links with nearby Liverpool and Manchester.


Carden park in Cheshire is among the county’s foremost destinations for conferences and corporate events.This is owing in no small part to the wealth of facilities it possesses, including a spa, a swimming pool, two restaurants and two bars.The twin jewels in its crown, however, have to be the duo of eighteen-hole golf courses, which will present friends and colleagues with the perfect opportunity to take a long stroll, and settle old scores in a healthy way.

The hotel, as well as being an exemplary Cheshire conference venue, is also a willing venue for a raft of different events. Let’s review some of the possibilities!

Total Wipeout

We’re all familiar with shows like Total Wipeout, in which competitors have to navigate a series of wacky obstacles without getting sent flying!This variant sees eight players compete to be champion.Success will be determined by player’s physical prowess – but the challenge is quite unlike that posed by any traditional sport.

The Total Wipeout event is an excellent way to conclude a weekend of team-building, as it’s brilliant entertainment both for participants and spectators.

Quad Biking

Carden park’s grounds are home to a sizeable collection of Honda quad-bikes.You’ll be able to book some instruction, and then spend some time tearing your way around a quad-bike track that’s built especially for the purpose.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more unusual ‘Gymkhana’ experience, you might consider the more unusual ‘Mud, Sweat and Gears’ challenge, which sees participants drive around in a raft of different wacky vehicles – including Segways and hovercraft!

Bridge Building

There are few team-building exercises more well-worn than bridge-building.And there’s a reason that this is the case – it involves working together, following instructions, issuing them and arriving at decisions as a group.What’s more, the consequences of failures will be embarrassment and a pile of useless components where your bridge used to be.

This variant sees your workforce divided into small teams, each of whom has responsibility for constructing a small part of a much longer bridge.A remote-controlled car will then be driven down the length of the bridge.Of course, no team will want to suffer the ultimate embarrassment of having their section of the bridge collapse – so the pressure will really be on!


If there’s anything more rewarding than building something, it’s building something that will destroy other people’s buildings.That’s exactly what the objective of this challenge is – to construct a fully functional trebuchet.You won’t need a degree in medieval siege engineering to complete your project, however, as full and detailed schematics will be provided.You will, however, have to communicate with your colleagues and listen to them.

The really fun part, however, comes once your two-metre-tall trebuchets are complete – you’ll then have the opportunity to take aim at fixed targets and compete with other teams to see who the most competent engineer is!

Duck Herding

You might think that driving and construction experiences are a little mundane, and don’t pose enough of a challenge.It’s unlikely, however, that your workforce will have experience of handling sheep dogs and ducks.But that’s exactly the experience offered by this charming little game!

After some instruction from qualified experts, participants of this challenge will be tasked with herding a group of ducks around an obstacle course – through tunnels and gates, and up and down slides.This is a challenge that’s surprisingly fun – and amusing for both those taking part and those watching.It’ll promote fierce rivalry as players compete to herd their ducks in the fastest possible time.You’ll even get a shepherd’s crook, so that you can look the part as you make your way around the course.

Douglas Carl
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