Celebrate Your Engagement with Personalized Engagement Cards from Mixbook

Congrats on your engagement! While it might have taken a lot of timing and planning to enact the perfect proposal, it is now time to have fun and share the fantastic news with your family and closest friends through well-timed engagement cards. A social media post or text message can surely get your news out concerning your engagement. Still, it won’t be as memorable and meaningful as handmade and customized engagement announcements printed on a hard and smooth-textured cotton paper. So, you should give your engagement the prestige and attention it deserves! Mixbook enables you to customize a card that captures the love you and your other half share.

Share Your Engagement News in Style

Mixbook’s designs are unique. Once you get an engagement announcement design that attracts your eye, we offer easy-to-use online tools to help in customizing the wording and imagery printed on your engagement card. Swap in your proposal photo and add a unique engagement announcement saying with just a click of a mouse.

With Mixbook, you can display your love through a photo. As it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Your friends and family members will be thrilled to be greeted by a photo of you and your fiancé embracing each other in true love. Share this photo on the front, back, or inside of your announcement card.

There are various photo poses and ideas you can consider for your engagement announcement card.

  • Recreate the proposal. You can consider going back to the proposal site and take a photo reenacting the moment she said yes.
  • Photo of shared moments. You can also include a photo of you and your fiancé enjoying good moments together, whether on a date, on the beach, during hikes, etc.
  • Include a pet. If you and your loved one have a fur baby, you can consider including them in your engagement card.
  • Ring close-up. You can also show off that new and beautiful engagement ring of you and your sweetheart holding hands.

Once you have the perfect photos for your card, you can add a witty, romantic, or creative saying printed on the front of the card to grab the receiver’s attention, such as, ‘she said yes!’. You can also share your engagement news in style by recapping your proposal story for friends and family members who might not be conversant with all the details about your love. Mixbook has lots of templates to choose from that allow you to print multiple paragraphs.

Mixbook Personalization Options

Mixbook offers lots of personalization options to enable you to customize an engagement announcement to declare your engagement stylishly. You can easily select the size and format of your engagement card, colors, edit the text on the templates, including the font size, alignment, and color, add a collection of photos and choose from limitless designs and themes for a personalized engagement card.

To sum up, your engagement announcement cards are the first step towards your much-awaited wedding. Mixbook is here to ensure you spread the excitement in your heart and share the news with those who matter most in your life. Visit our official site and get started today!

Douglas Carl
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