All about PB 8 Probiotic Acidophilus


The concept on how the bacteria can be helpful is something that is much difficult to get in to the mind. In case of any infections we make use of the antibiotics but the right bacteria need to be in the proper place which can be useful and the presence of the wrong bacteria in a place which it should not be can increase the chance of causing many problems. Probiotics play an important place on such cases. Probiotics are those micro organisms that are found to be very useful for the health of the human beings and these are introduced towards the digestive system. But if the pathogenic bacteria stand first then there are chances of occurring illness and many diseases.

Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics, with 8 probiotic strains are found to be healthy and beneficial for the well being of humans. Probiotics are used to reduce the gastric problems, diarrhoea and stomach related issues. This can also reduce the pathogenic bacteria that remain in the human body. Probiotics are useful for the reducing the cholesterol level and most of the food related problems .Urinary infections can also be treated with the probiotics. PB 8 probiotics also contain a natural prebiotic component which is named as inulin. This gets into the intestines and helps the probiotics to get colonised. The presence of inulin helps in increasing the probiotics that are available in the intestine. Inulin is considered to be a carbohydrate prebiotic.

PB8 is a supplement that is available in many forms. This is coated with certain specific bacteria that are helpful for the protection of the stomach acids that are found to damage the stomach. This does not have any artificial colours or any kind of preservatives. This product is mainly recommended for people who are not under any medical supervision and is also not good for pregnant and nursing omen.PB8 probiotic contains 8 species and this is considered to be a multispecies product. Since this is having 8 species with different functions it is one of the products that are much better for improving the digestive tract. The digestion will be based on different needs of a person.

PB8 Probiotic is an allergy friendly supplements and do not contain the components like soy, milk, wheat, egg or peanuts. This also contains components like inulin, water, gelatine, magnesium stearate and silica. This also includes microcrystalline cellulose.


PB8 is mainly available in the form of capsules. They are packed as 60 capsules or 120 vegetarian capsules. Most commonly the capsules are recommended to have a dose of 2 on every 24 hours. All the capsules are having an outer coating which is having some inactive ingredients like water and gelatine. Many people including the children need the probiotics due to increased use of antibiotics. Also the carbohydrate diet is one of the reasons for the use of probiotics. Chemicals that are in the chlorinated water and food like the meat and the dairy forms kill the probiotics that are present in the body.

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