6 Popular Crafting Hobbies

Many people like to do crafts as a hobby to keep busy or to create things for their friends and family members as gifts. Crafting is also a good activity to do with children so they can learn to create things and because it gives you some bonding time with them. Here are some of the crafts people like to spend their time doing.


This is probably one of the most popular crafts among men around the world. Many people like making furniture or wooden toys to give as gifts or even to sell at craft fairs. Many handmade pieces of furniture are handed down for generations because of the craftsmanship put into the tables, chairs, or armoires crafted in a garage or shed after work or on the weekends.


The history of quilting seems to go back to ancient Egypt as the first pieces of padding and cloth were sewn together for bedding. Quilts have been put together for personal use or to give as wedding or baby shower gifts for hundreds of years. There are many types of quilting, such as patchwork, applique, or art quilts.

Crocheting or Knitting

Men and women of all ages like to crochet or knit because it relaxes them, especially if they are anxious or stressed. People who need to always be doing something enjoy these crafts because it keeps them busy and productive. While many people learn crocheting or knitting from their mother or grandmother, they can learn to craft online as well.

Needle Crafts

There are many crafts using a needle and thread, such as embroidery, cross stitch, or needlepoint. There are kits you can buy from craft stores or online for every level of expertise, including children’s needle craft kits. Embroidery is popular on towels, pillowcases, or Christmas stockings, and many people buy needlepoint or cross stitch kits of various scenes to hang on walls.

Leather Crafts

Another craft popular with men is leathercrafting, whether it is creating art by burning images into leather with a hot iron or making items such as book covers or wallets to give as gifts. Many craft stores carry the tools and accessories needed to make leather crafts, and there are also some stores specialising in this hobby.


Many people get into this hobby when they have a new child or grandchild born into their family. They start out by keeping track of the baby’s milestones, such as their birthdate and weight, a wisp of hair from their first haircut, or a picture on their first day of school. Many people like to give scrapbooks as gifts to their children or friends, and they get very creative when making them.

Crafts are often handed down from parent to child, but these crafts can also be learned in classes at fabric or craft stores or online. People can also join crafting clubs to learn new techniques, to share their hobby with like-minded individuals, and to show off their creations.

Douglas Carl
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